What We Do…

Home made greenhouse at Bealtaine CottageThe idea of not being able to change this world for the better is a nightmare for most people.

Everyone wants a better life and many want a better world. 

Raspberries and Rhubarb in the permaculture gardens at BealtaineDis-empowerment turns us all into victims, feeling trapped and helpless.

Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine CottageThe solution however can be relatively simple.


In the Gardens of BealtaineDo something to improve your life or someone else’s life.

It can be as simple as saying “Hello” to an older person, or picking up litter when out for a walk.

Volunteering one day a week in a charity shop, or saving kitchen scraps for the birds.

Planting trees for the future or seed-bombing derelict land.Applemint, Lady's Mantle and Crocosmia

Whatever we do impacts upon our lives, and the world around us.

Generosity of spirit is worth cultivating.

Seedlings at Bealtaine CottageThe Blackbird sings his song regardless of  the weather.

Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine CottagePlanting a tiny sapling is a small task…sitting under a mighty Oak is heaven…

It is all about what we do!

This is what I am doing for the Earth this Saturday, 25th May…

March Against Monsanto, Sligo, 1pm!

Corner of O’Connell and Grattan Street.

See you there!



  1. I couldn’t agree more! I have cultivated a good neighbourhood relationship here on Wellington Street, including welcoming neighbours who were just prospecting, letting them know we are friendly. Indeed, I even ‘persuaded’ them to have a PV array installed by the lovely people who did ours. Not there with the solar heating and total rainwater collecting/grey water reusing yet. We installed these some years ago now. Glad to say we pay Severn Trent only for the metered water we use and sewerage, a fraction of what we used to pay. Couldn’t go on using potable water to flush the loos! If only we could find a spring. I’d like to install composting loos too, but my wife isn’t overly keen!
    Many thanks, Andrew.


    1. Compost loo is on the agenda here and will be rather gorgeous too…watch this space!


  2. Thanks Colette. I really needed to see the beauty of your garden and be reminded to ‘do’ today, otherwise I would just dwell on my thoughts. Thanks for your positive energy.


  3. melissab87

    Sharing the Beltaine vibes! Doing is indeed magic! Thank you for this post.


    1. I’m glad you liked it!


  4. firstherbs

    I can not take all the credit for the earth friendly way I live. My grandmothers, mother and father and all the relatives lived this way and taught me. I love the words you use. It is about the drop of a small stone that makes the ripples move out in to the world. Just one task, or tree and we are better off.


    1. Simplicity of thought and action…a Zen philosophy!


  5. claudly

    Hey Colleen,
    I love your blog and find it so inspiring to read it. I have a little smallholding myself and I would love to visit your place. I will be in and around Sligo from Thursday to Saturday, do you think you would have time for a little visit?
    Thanks a million!


    1. Hi Claudia!
      You can email me on coletteoneill2010@hotmail.com


  6. Too true. To me the very ESSENCE of sustainability is the planting of trees that you know you will not live to see reach maturity. You are planting them very much for future generations, future users of the site.


    1. Very true, Matt…and it feels so right!


  7. I have decided to share your posts on my FB page, Colleen. I find so much inspiration here.


  8. Absolutely love this..<3 x


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