The Woodland Cottage

It is Lughnasadh, the last great festival of the Celtic Calendar! The year is tipping towards an end as Samhain marks the beginning of the new year… There has been much change here at Bealtaine Cottage as the canopy of trees has merged to form what is now truly a woodland. This evolution has happened at just the right moment in time as we have witnessed a terrifyingly hot summer and drought…the woodland gardens have come through the worst unscathed…no loss on anything! Beauty now lies between the stones of the great circle. I have flowers to plant here and…

Observed by Consciousness

Reality only exists when it is observed… These are images I photographed yesterday…what I observed here in the woodland gardens and food forest that is now Bealtaine Cottage. Reality can only be observed by consciousness. Is this why we are here? Are we part of the consciousness of Mother Earth? I believe we shape the beauty around us with both our physical selves and our conscious minds. We often hear the statement, ‘seeing is believing.’ I say, believing is seeing. Belief in the sentient being that is Mother Earth has formed a major part of the energy that has manifested…

Thirteen and The Eternal Return

Evening descends. The cottage stands silent on the little hill. Jack, SammyBear and I head off down the cottage lane for a walk. The clock salutes the hour of ten, as night begins its descent in the west of Ireland. As we move towards Midsummer, the light holds sway. I carry words in my head as we make the descent along the little lane, planted on either side with generous intent. The words were spoken by a Native American many years ago, but are as relevant today as they were then…perhaps more so. “Wherever forests have not been mowed down,…

Rituals of Midwinter

In preparing for the season of Yule, I follow the age old traditions of all the women who have gone before me. Preparation is everything. This begins in the home and involves casting an eye over all that will be of importance during this sacred time of gathering. I am driven with the desire to instil a sense of order upon Bealtaine Cottage as the Midwinter festivities approach. There is a history to this festival that precedes the usual image we hold as the collective ideal…that of a more recent celebration, Christmas. The Winter Solstice  has been celebrated for thousands of years….

Bealtaine Cottage Podcast and Slideshow…Moving Forward!

Welcome to the Cottage Podcast! This is Saturday morning at Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland. Beauty is here on the bed as you can see…she’ll be here all day! After some adjustments, I’ve managed to sort the Podcast in terms of volume.  Here it is, complete with the photos I promised to take this morning.  There’s an amazing amount of Shaggy Inkcap mushrooms here at Bealtaine this year…more than ever before! The Bealtaine Project is a full-time labour of love for Colette O’Neill, aiming to encourage and support those wishing to live more sustainably “with” rather than “on”” Mother Earth. To this…

Cottage Journal

Here’s just a brief note to let you all know that there is now a new page here on the website! Have a look at the top of the site and you’ll see listed at the very end: Cottage Journal. Click on and read the introduction. A daily insight, as promised to all my supporters from FaceBook missing my daily postings! You will find musings, news, garden updates and lots more each day!

Traditional Music in the Cottage Kitchen

A special visitor to Bealtaine Cottage today, Gian Castello, dropped by and played some haunting airs and a lively Hornpipe in the cottage kitchen…what an absolute delight! Gian and his partner, Kitia, will be playing music and recitations around the magical gardens as the season of Lughnasadh progresses towards Samhain. Each one will be recorded for the Bealtaine Cottage YouTube channel. With special thanks to Lynne who helped it happen!

Thank You!

I’m sharing these images of Bealtaine Cottage this evening and saying a massive “Thank You!” to you all! Many of you have been with me from the very beginning, when I first ventured into the world of blogging and began writing about my journey here at Bealtaine Cottage. I attempted in a small way, to be a voice for simple living through Permaculture, in my attempts at   helping to invest life and abundance into these three acres of Mother Earth… …working out a template for others to use in any small way. Making the mistakes, planting land, growing the…

Cottage Laundry 1900 Style

Today’s video sees Colette in the garden on the task of laundry…and with a few words to say on the subject! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUPPORT THE BEALTAINE PROJECT BY BECOMING A MEMBER, You can choose to DONATE 12 EUROS FOR YEAR MEMBERSHIP AND PRIVATE WEBSITE ACCESS TO BEALTAINE COTTAGE GOOD LIFE   Thanks for your support!